Welcome to Screamliners

BrideTshirtWelcome to “Screamliners.”  Please take your time browsing through the images created here, representing classic horror and science fiction icons of my youth.

I was lucky enough to have grown up in the 1960’s era when monsters were on a lot of kid’s minds.  TV stations ran Saturday afternoon and late night “Creature Feature Double Features” from the highest quality universal monsters to the lowest budgeted drive-in shock movies.  I watched them all!  Monster model kits, figures, games, toys and magazines also fed the appetites of young fans wanting anything related to this new craze.

I spent much of my paper route money buying into all this, the imagery of some threatening beast or ghoul always held my attention.  Throughout this time I was also drawing the characters from that world.  I felt if I could draw them, I could bring them closer to me and possess them as my own.  Drawing these creatures seems to be a hunt, an expedition to capture imagery into your mind then with some skill, put it on display for public viewing. What’s on display here is a culmination of my sign painting, illustration and portrait study.

Everything is hand drawn, brush lettered and painted in oil paints on large plywood panels. This is the “old school” way from the early 20’s, 30’s, & 40’s when larger movie palaces employed their own art staff to create lavish displays in the hopes of luring people off the streets and into their theaters.  The artwork had to be bold, bright and exciting enough to express the wonders of cinema.

“Images of the fantastic” will always be my passion.  I hope here I can share them with you for your enjoyment too.

- Robert MacPhail

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